June 26, 2005

The suit.


MT ate my post.
Oh well, the text isn't important, really. Just a few quick pics of Mac in his suit that I took before work this morning. The camera's batteries were dying (and then died before I could take picture of anything else), so they're not great. Buuuut good enough. The suit is really nice, I love it. Mac looks so pretty in it and the crispy wig. And really... MAN-like. It's kinda cool. I don't think anyone would mistake him for a chick. The suit pants are a little bit long - so they would work on a long-legged SD13 boy too. (Mac's normal-legged... I gave his longer limbs to Rory.) I'm also happy because it's less than half the cost of the CP suit. It's not as nice, but the price is more conscienceable for me.

I kinda of want to post it on DoA, but I don't want people to think I'm showing off. ^_^* And people are kinda outspoken about how they don't like the Heath sculpt. *cuddles Mac* Doesn't matter though, I love him.

Posted by armeleia at June 26, 2005 07:06 PM

Hottness!!! I love Mac. Why don't people like Heath? What do they not like his mold?

Posted by: koalajoe at June 27, 2005 11:18 PM

I think Heath is a great doll. Mac is just wonderful. Such a great look for him..and the suit is to die for. IMO some wigless orignal Heath photos can look strange...as if he has no ears. But when a friend brought a Heath to one of our meets...people went nuts. There is a fan base for Heath.

Posted by: Gina at June 28, 2005 02:15 AM

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o Education - Kids don't stop developing because the market shrinks and do not cease requiring an education. West Sussex's numerous schools, schools and Universities including Chichester College and The college of Chichester are still keenly recruiting. Academic institutions additionally require administrative, catering and different help staff. Educational jobs in West Sussex ought to remain secure.

o Public Sector - Authorities is a definite constant during a recession. Our cities, cities and country must continue to go on providing providers and making positive things carries on heedless. The Chichester District Council and The West Sussex County Council still want a large array of staff so public sector jobs in West Sussex ought to beat the recession.

o Security - Sadly, crime does not cease during a recession (in reality, although I can't claim to know the statistics, there are clearly associated monetary components which might increase it!) We're fortunate in West Sussex to have a relatively low crime price however we still need our protecting services such The West Sussex Police. In addition they require their help employees so these with security jobs in West Sussex have a lesser have to worry.

o Healthcare and Prescribed drugs - Sickness and injury still occur during a recession. In Chichester it is honest to say that now we have an ageing population due perhaps to the quality of life we are fortunate enough to receive here. (So lengthy as St Richards Hospital stays open!) hospital staff, GPs, ambulance employees, nursing and care employees are still in demand so Healthcare jobs in West Sussex needs to be quite safe.

o Power Corporations - We could all become somewhat extra acutely aware of our power outgoings as part of our belt tightening but we continue to have an enormous for gasoline and electricity and that is unlikely diminish. Chichester businesses and homes will still require Southern Electrical, British Gas and the like to keep us running so those working for energy corporations equivalent to engineers and customer companies in West Sussex ought to consider their jobs secure.

o Environmental Sector - In West Sussex, as with every different metropolis, our council seems dedicated to improving our 'Greeness'. This is a sentiment additionally taken up by businesses and it's unlikely to be halted during the coming recession. There'll still be a desire for 'Inexperienced' consultants and engineers in West Sussex in the coming months.

o Sales and Marketing - This is not an space you would possibly count on to be safe however historically and logically anything which makes or saves a company cash is prone to be safe. It is slightly dependant on the technique and outlook of the business in particular but sales jobs and marketing jobs in West Sussex may be safe.

o Funeral Administrators - Sorry to finish on a morbid word but to use the previous saying 'the one certainties in life are loss of life and taxes'!

Apprehensive that your employment could additionally be in danger? Unfortunately there are some struggling industries including development, housing and finance and the strongest advice I may give you is to make sure your CV is as a lot as scratch must you find your self in the unlucky situation and it's a must to enter the aggressive job market. Additionally ensure you find a good job board such as chichester jobs to keep you up to date with the latest jobs in West Sussex.

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